Colloid & Surface
Science Symposium
July 9th - 12th, 2017
The City College of New York

Environmental Catalysis and Energy Science

The session focuses on Environmental Catalysis and fundamentals of Energy Science with an emphasis on energy storage and conversion. Topics will include, but not limited to, electrocatalysis (e.g., carbon dioxide reduction, dinitrogen reduction, oxygen evolution, and hydrogen evolution), photocatalysis (e.g., waste treatment, and chemical/fuel production), energy storage systems (e.g., batteries and fuel cells), and CO2 capture and utilization.

Keynote Speakers:

Lynden Archer
Cornell University

Jingguang Chen
Columbia University


Alissa Park
Columbia University

Feng Jiao
U Delaware

Important Dates
Abstract Deadline
April 21, 2017
Registration Opens
February 15, 2017